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Timeshare is a way to share using rights at a timeshare resort on a weekly basis to spend holidays. Even though the European legislation (timeshare directive) has improved the rights of timeshare owners in the process of buying timeshare products, the image of timeshare is showing a spiral downward, with sometimes even criminal indications. Therefore we believe that the future legislation should cover the whole live cycle of timeshare using rights from buying to cancellation or selling, including private resell, inheritance and beneficence.

ETOC is the abbreviation of 'European Timeshare Owners' Club'. The main purpose of the club are initiatives to protect and improve timeshare using rights by exchange of information between its members, cooperation with European Consumer Centers and other organizations or clubs dealing with timeshare, and finally making proposals to improve the European Union Timeshare Legislation (EU Timeshare Directive). The club acts internationally within Europe.

The club does not have any focus on specific timeshare resorts or holiday clubs and looks for a general solution of problems which can be put into the legislation to protect timeshare owners. The club does not want to be in a contrary position against companies running timeshare resorts and holiday clubs and wants to improve the partnership with them. It understands that these companies need to make profit to develop and maintain the resorts efficiently. But timeshare owners having paid for their using rights and annualy paying for the maintenance of the resort should have a fair return of their investment.

Please support us to strengthen your timeshare using rights in future! You can become a member of our club for free, see the page membership.

This web site includes a public forum where you can discuss timeshare issues and problems. Members of ETOC can use the internal forum too. Your opinion is important for us to learn what can be improved. Writing in the forum requires a single registration. We recommend using an alias as user name.




'European Timeshare Owners' Club is an initiative of timeshare owners to improve the European timeshare legislation.

The aim is a fair partnership of timeshare owners and resort management companies.

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Supporting our initiatives gives us the means to strengthen your timeshare using rights and to improve the partnership with your resort management companies and holiday clubs. 


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